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Adventures Beyond the Comfort Zone

Monday, May 22, 2006

Blogging in Spurts

Okay, so, I imagine some of you will be disoriented by the post from a couple days ago that didn't actually appear until today.  My Internet access is a little diminished out here at the lake, so I'm just gonna keep on blogging and upload them all at once whenever I get the chance.

After a nice quiet weekend with the [stilldon'tfeelrightusingtheirlastnameonline]'s, I started working today.  I started out bright and early at 7:30 at the E-Education office of DSU.  Last time I worked for them, I remember it seemed a real struggle to keep me busy..  Not a problem this year with a couple backlogged projects for me to pick at between the other work that comes at random.

I may actually be a morning person.  When I've said "so long" to my late-night Self, my early-morning self feels fantastic.  Though Latenight keeps coming back...  I'm gonna try to change the locks next time he goes out..

Wow I'm tired..  Early is going to have a great morning tomorrow.

No, wait.  I should mention my first official Interning meeting with Zach this afternoon.  He asked my opinion on web layouts and content.  It was good; I tend to 'experience' the web rather than analyzing what keeps me coming back to certain sites.  The process led us through a lot of sites that I'm going to want to keep going back to both experience and analyze.

Then we talked about posters and such; brainstorming ideas...  I've got a few simmering in the back of my mind..  I may even share once they come to a boil.  Although, you'll eventually be able to see some of them on-line anyway. 

I took it pretty easy for the rest of the afternoon/evening.  And now I'm gonna start bed-time prep.  so's Early can take another crack at that piece I'm working on for the other blog before work.  I'd really like to get that up this week...  I've got other areas I want to cover.


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