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Adventures Beyond the Comfort Zone

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Life or Choice, Can We at Least Agree to be Pro-Logic?

On the way to Sioux Falls the other day, I stumbled onto a Christian talk show on the radio. They were talking about abortion clinics that had been shut down in recent days. Various people were calling in with there own perspective of where they saw God at work in this and celebrating victory in the battle for the unborn. Then a woman caller noted that all of the previous callers had been men and went into a bit of a rant. As in, 'how dare they presume to have an opinion about what a woman does with her own body!' (approximate quote. I had a hard time taking notes while driving. [kidding, Mom.])

Then she went off about men forcing their girl-friends into abortion clinics, and the host argued for the fathers that tried to hold them back from the clinic.

It goes both ways, and apparently it's always the man's fault for getting in the way of her choice.

Excuse me. Doesn't the man have some right to say something about the pregnancy that he was permitted to help start? How come it's never, "How dare you let get me pregnant like that!"? Or are the pro-choice women just too embarrassed to admit that they've already let someone else take part in a decision about her body?


  • I'm not sure my views on your last two paragraphs. Sure the man/husband/insert whatever here has a good say in what goes on with their baby. They both did create it. Though the woman is more impacted since it is her body that changes, as well as hormones and everything. If there was only a way to transfer the baby to the male to grow it would be less of an argument.

    By Blogger Alicia, at 11/7/06 3:25 PM  

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