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Adventures Beyond the Comfort Zone

Sunday, March 11, 2007

82 Days

The time remaining before my Beloved and I are wed. The time seems to dissapear at an ever increasing rate as the day approaches.

An excuse for not updating? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I've been living in Iowa for a little more than a month now, working the last couple weeks in a small town donut shop. It's an odd shift getting the donuts ready before sunrise, and it's done odd things to my sleeping pattern.

I'm still looking for the sort of work I went to school for, but this will do until then.

I'll try and update a little more often, since Beth has been kind enough to share her internet connection when I visit. But my time is up for tonight. I'll need a nap before work anyway.

Meanwhile, I've done a little something for the Unblind Eye as well.