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Adventures Beyond the Comfort Zone

Monday, November 27, 2006

Blog or Sleep?

Perhaps I should be in bed now... But I've been overdue for a post long enough that it may actually be worth losing sleep over. ... Alright.. maybe not, but ... but... hmm.. well, go ahead and read on. You tell me if I have a good reason for posting tonight.

I will now openly declare that I am in love with Beth. Believe it or not, this developed after we became engaged. I may well be living an exception to a rule, but I highly recommend it. That the decision had already been made it possible to know that the feelings that were developing really truely were what they felt like from the first sign of ... "sparks"? It defies my current descriptive capacaty.

I finally noticed today that Dianna did in fact blog on the thoughts that she picked up here, and really liked what she had to say (a couple of weeks ago now). Though I feel I should defend poor Mr. Harris's book... It's been given a bad name by many of the people who've read it (or claim to have read it). He offers a different look at the purpose of dating, and no where does he condemn the practice. He just wanted to make people stop and think about it. (as in "are you really actively searching for a Godly spouse, or are you just fooling around to see what fun things might happen?")

He titled the book as a personal statement, not a genaric command. He himself kissed dating goodbye after learning from experience that he couldn't trust himself to maintain his purity within that system. After learning the same thing about myself, I followed his lead. .. But Josh and I recognize that not everyone needs to be that cautious because not everyone stumbles at the same places in life.

Okay... I'd better stop there before it becomes a rant... No doubt the topic will come up again. (and for the record, I think you'd like the book, Dianna)

Thanksgiving was great. Both of them.

After a needlessly interesting morning, I found my way to pick up Beth to have turkey with my family in SF. Upon ariving she was introduced to more [still-not-gonna-do-the-last-name-thing-online]'s than we've had in years. 16 of us. And of course that much family all in one place gets pretty silly as on person's sillyness gets a responce from a couple others at the table and is perpetually magnified. I love my family.

We "cleaned house." Never before had I seen a turkey that size actually obliterated in one sitting.

After some games and a bit of pie, I returned Beth to her family and stayed for dinner. Only about a third of the crowd that was in SF, but this one included people under the age of 13 (from 2 to 5), so the meal was still pretty interesting.

My only regret is that my stomach just wasn't big enough... You know it's bad when you can't make room for pecan pie.

Graduation is less than two weeks away now. In all honesty, it's starting to feel really anti-climactic. After 4 years of sitting at a computer and making art to fit other peoples' demands and deadlines, I'm not sure this is what I really want to do...

... But that's gonna have to be a blog for another time... I've got class in the morning.


  • Kevin,

    I'm happy for you!!! =D Oh yeah, your family is wack!!! =D [In the good way of course!;)]


    By Anonymous Ali, at 28/11/06 7:36 AM  

  • It makes me smile reading what I've contemplated for some time... that you have the spark-defying goodness in you about Beth! Woot! The smile on my face (which you obviously cannot see) is a genuine thanksgiving to God for His blessings on both you and Beth. I love him! He's so good!

    By Blogger Amber, at 3/12/06 8:01 PM  

  • Hahah, I could rant back about how the effects Harris' book had may not have been his intent, but it's what happened regardless. But, I am happy that you read my post and took the time to understand it. Thank you. I was a tad worried that it was just launching off into cyberspace with no one reading it...hahha.

    :) All that said, I am glad for you. It's still a little odd, but it's obviously something you feel strongly about, so I'll support that. I am coming to the wedding, right? ;)

    By Blogger Dianna, at 4/12/06 2:44 PM  

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