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Adventures Beyond the Comfort Zone

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Time for Me

I don't care how selfish it sounds, this weekend is for me. I'm not going even the least bit out of my way for anybody. I don't care who gives me a hard time....

*I get to hang with my sister this weekend, because I'm finally not going anywhere or doing anything... Which is how I spent this last hour instead of writing in this blog! ..... and then I made myself dinner and popped in Titan A.E..... thought I could blog while I watched, but alas, I should know myself better than that.

now where was I? ah yes.... I'm burnt out.

The Brookings Arts Festival was a couple weeks ago now... had a good time. got to hang out with friends I'd not seen in what seems like quite a while. even though they (nearly) all live right here in town. Spent the entire weekend there... well, as soon as I was able to wake up on Saturday, which was actually pretty early for me, because it was still what most others in this time zone would call morning. and of course, I got up early again the next day for church. I was the one and only Kinder in attendance, because the rest of the family had already gotten up and gone back to help Mom with her booth at the festival. I didn't get to see as many people at the festival on Sunday, which was okay, because I was starting to wear out, made evident when we began to pack up to go home. Kim, Amanda, and I all got progressivly more loopy throughout the process. Not sure how wise it was to stay up that extra bit to watch Indipendence Day with them. Especialy since I didn't think it was that great... It's late, so I won't get opinionated this time. I also got to see the Fantastic 4 that Saturday. Looking back on it... the effects were spetacular, but... there were several elements that flat out bothered me, in the humor and in the story... but my sister would say that I'm digressing
(Side note: Mom did really well selling paintings this year. YAY!)

so yeah... It was a good weekend, but rather the opposite of restful. I pressed on through another week of work. Got to see Jon and Amber on a double date with my [insert sappy adjective here] Alicia the following Saturday. Or rather, I met the three of them in Sioux Falls when I was finnally able to wake up and make myself presentable. (note: I still had not fully recovered from ArtFest weekend and had been unable to sleep the previous night) After dinner, we all went to the Jazz Fest where some spiffy music was played and expensive drinks were served. Things went pretty late, which was fine by me, but we were all ready for bed when we got back to Alicia's. Jon and I crashed on sofas downstairs. I presume the ladys found themselves beds upstairs.

The next day began with chuch at West Center of Madison, where I got to see more friends I've not seen since school let out. then there was lunch at pizza ranch, a creepy movie back at Al's (the ending was a dissapointment), and being talked into a wedding shower for a couple of Alicia's high school friends. I tollerated being there for about an hour (a single party game) before I excused myself. please know: I was utterly exhausted at this point and had no intention of blowing off or ignoring anybody I just wanted to drive home while I thought I still could.

It was on that drive home that I decided, I've pushed myself far to far. I need a weekend for me. All of it. to recover my strength, to vent my creative build-up, etc. If anyone tries to talk my out of it, I'll just skip merrily away with my fingers in my ears. I doubt I'll even get out of the house, and I couldn't be happier n_n.

I'm tired now.
good night

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Me? Popular???

To be honest, I'm a little confused as to how my blog has become so popular. I've not done a thing to advertise it other than leaving links where I knew my friends and family would find them... would someone mind leaving a comment as to how I can tell for myself how popular my blog is? Obviously the information is available somewhere, because people keep commenting on it.

I find myself simultaniously intimidated and encouraged. I mean... I've always been intimidated by having large audiences, (hence my hiding in a shell for large portions of my early life) but to think that I've .... I'm just being myself here. the one thing that I used to think would drive more people away.

Moving on. I've had a pretty good weekend. Good old fashioned LAN party at Luke's on Friday... (was that really this weekend? it seems so long ago now..) 'Twas good to see Bob and Ross and Jon again. Luke, I get to see every day at work, but of course, it's always nice to see friends outside of that setting now and then.

It still seems like I don't get to see much of my friends, what with my working full time on the night shift at Dak. But I can't say that God's neglected me in that area either (knowing full well that He wouldn't without good reason). I don't make every event, but I still get to see most of the people I really care about. Random Anime or gaming sessions bring my fellow nerds from high school back together. Brandi works hours that make it fairly simple to 'pester' her on my way home from Dak, without too much fear of customers interupting (though it still happens). Then there's my dear sweet Alicia ^_^ She's been really sweet about coming to see me almost every weekend. Even though I know she's getting sick of all that driving.

Like Saturday! She made me cake and brought some of her baby pictures for us to enjoy while sitting in a random park. She was sooooooooo cute!! No less adorable than she is today, but it's a different kind of cute.
Then I treated her to a Chinese dinner and a War movie. 'Twas a wonderful day in all. It had been far to long since the two us had a day to ourselves to just talk to and hang out with eachother.

That's enough for tonight. my sleeping pattern really isn't a pattern at all.... I have more to say, but I'll say it tomorrow.

g'night everybody.